To all visitors(Response to COVID-19)

We conduct research activities, while taking preventive measures against the COVID-19.
If you visit our campus, make sure you follow the instructions:

1. Please take your temperature before visiting.
Note: If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, or if at least 72 hours have not passed since your fever subsided without the aid of medication, you may not visit RIKEN.
2. Please visit our campus guard station to complete entry procedures.
Note: You will not be allowed to enter if you do not have a prior appointment with an employee.
3. Wear a mask while on campus. (To prevent heatstroke, you may take off your mask if you are outside and maintaining an adequate distance from others.)
4. Do not use the elevator unless you absolutely must. If you must use the elevator to transport items, etc., elevator occupancy must be at or below 30% capacity (example: up to 2 people may ride together in an elevator with an 8-person capacity).
5. Once you arrive at your destination, thoroughly wash your hands with soap.
6. When visiting, take care to avoid close contact with others and to maintain physical distance between persons.
7. Do not touch items or surfaces on campus unless you absolutely must. (You may touch items needed to conduct your business, etc.)
8. After the purpose of your visit is complete, please do not visit any other area of campus where you do not need to go.
9. Our campus prohibits smoking in its facilities and grounds. If you use an off-campus smoking area, avoid the 3 Cs to prevent COVID-19 transmission, and be considerate and respectful of the area and others around you.
10. If you experience any negative changes in health (fever, sore throat, fatigue, etc.) within 14 days of your visit, notify the person in charge of your visit immediately.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For your reference: RIKEN’s Response to COVID-19

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