Ikimon Coloring

Calling for submissions!

We are holding the 4rd Ikimon Coloring Contest!

Ikimon means "living organisms" in the Japanese Kansai dialect.
The bodies of living organisms are very complex, and at the same time, very beautiful.
This is why we decided to make coloring pages featuring living organisms!

The theme this time is the “Mosquito”.
They arrive in the summer... They make an annoying, high-pitched buzzing sound when they fly near your ear. Then you suddenly notice a red spot on your body, which starts to itch like crazy.
Yes, it’s those pesky mosquitoes.
You might think you know all about them, but let's take a close look at the body structure of the female mosquito.

Contest details

October 1 (Sun) - October 31 (Tue)

How to color your work

Create your work using one of the following two methods.

  1. Download the coloring page file to color.
    Download the Ikimon coloring page "Mosquito" from the link below, and color as you like. You can use digital or traditional methods to color the picture. You can also use any coloring material (colored pencils, crayons, paints, etc.) of your choice.
  2. Color online
    You can color the picture online from your web browser by accessing the Ikimon Coloring website. You can save the colored picture and post it directly to Twitter after completion. To post on Twitter (currently, X), you will need a Twitter account.

How to enter the contest

Submit your colored Ikimon coloring page of the "Mosquito" using one the following methods.

  1. Via Twitter (currently, X)
    Post the image file of the colored picture with the hashtag #IkimonColoringMosquito in the message post.
    To be considered for the Children's category prize, please include the age of the individual who colored the work in the message post, or inform us of the age of the individual via direct message (DM).
  2. Via email
    Send a photo or image file of the colored picture as an attachment to an email with the subject line, "Ikimon coloring contest" and also include the nickname (pen name) of the entrant. To be considered for the Children's category prize, please include the age of the individual who colored the work in the body of the email.
    Email: nurie[a]ml.riken.jp
    *Replace [a] with @

Announcement of winning submissions

The first round of judging will be conducted as a public vote at the RIKEN Open Day in Kobe on Friday, November 3, 2023 (national holiday). Submissions selected through the first round will then go through a second round of judging, with the final winning submissions to be announced on this website at the end of November.
Winners will be selected for Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Judge's Special Recognition Award (Bronze) and Children's categories.
All winners will receive a special souvenir. Winners will be contacted individually after the official announcement.

Regarding submissions

  • Entries should be submitted as jpg or png format images.
  • RIKEN will retain the copyright of images of submitted works.
  • Images of submitted works may be posted on website or social media managed by RIKEN and RIKEN-affiliated entities.
  • Nickname or account name of winning submissions will be posted on the website.
  • Winners will be notified by direct message (DM) for submissions made by Twitter, or by email for submissions made by email. For those who submit via Twitter, please follow @BDR_RIKEN, or enable our account to "receive messages from anyone." For those who submit via email, please ensure that you can receive emails from "@riken.jp" or "@ml.riken.jp"
  • Please note that we cannot send the prize to the winner if we do not recieve a response to the notification from the winner.
  • The recipient of the Children's Category Prize will be selected from the submitted works of those 12 years and under. To be considered for the Children's Category, please include the age of the individual who colored the work in the Tweet message or in a DM, or in the email.
  • The following submissions will be disqualified
    • Submission of works other than the Ikimon Coloring Page "Mosquito"
    • Submission of works that have altered the Ikimon Coloring Page "Mosquito"
    • Submission of works that contain privacy-related information, such as the full name of the entrant.
    • Works containing content that is offensive to public order and morals.
    • Works that infringes on the copyright of others.
  • The organizers reserve the right to disqualify a submission.
  • We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process.


RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
c/o Coloring Contest

*Replace [a] with @