RIKEN Kobe Open House 2017

  Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
  Time: 10:00–16:30 (last admission 16:15)
  Admission: Free
  Venues: West Area: Center for Developmental Biology, Quantitative Biology Center
CDB Building 2-2-3 Minatojima, Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe

East Area: Center for Life Science Technologies, Research Complex Hub
MI Building, Integrated Innovation Building (IIB)
6-7-3 Minatojima, Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe

Come and find out what kind of research is being carried out at the RIKEN research centers based in Kobe! There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and talk to scientists who are working on cutting-edge research.

The presentations and activities will mainly be in Japanese, but English language assistance is available for some events. Arrangements can be made for guided assistance in English if contacted in advance.

Contact: CDB Planning Office (Research Communications)
       cdb-pr[at]cdb.riken.jp  *replace [at] with @

*Event number corresponds to number on map.

*Some events have age restrictions or require numbered tickets for participation.

Come and explore the labs!


Event⑩  Laboratory for Morphogenetic Signaling

Living organisms come in all different shapes and forms! Take a look at oddly shaped flies and flies with cells that glow inside the body, and learn about how different body shapes are formed.

All day


Event⑪  Laboratory for Lung Development

All living organisms breathe to survive. But, how do they breathe? Find out how the lung works and how its functions are linked to diseases.

All day

▶Lab tour (Participation is on first-come-first-served basis at the lab)
11:00–,13:00–,15:00〜 (approx. 15 min; 20 people/tour)


Event⑫  Laboratory for Developmental Epigenetics

Come and learn the secrets of how DNA, the blueprint for our bodies, is stored in the nucleus of tiny cells.

All day


Event⑬  Laboratory for Organismal Patterning

Take a look at how left-right asymmetry in the body arises in the mouse. What is the role of the nodal cilium, which is essential for body formation?

All day


Event⑭  Laboratory for Organ Regeneration

How are organs and tissues in the body formed? Learn about the surprising cutting-edge research on teeth and hair regeneration.

All day

Discover the wonders of life


Event⑮  Let’s look at model organisms!


Get a close-up look at the different organisms that scientists focus on such as planaria, C. elegans, fruit fly, and others. Learn about how these organisms help scientists to understand biological phenomena.

All day

▶Research Aquarium Tour *Numbered ticked required
Times: 11:00–,13:00–,14:00–,15:00–, (Approx. 20 min; 20 people/tour)

Tickets will be distributed 30 minutes before each tour on a first-come-first-served basis at the reception desk close to entrance of 1F CDB Building C .


Let's talk to scientists!

Event⑯  Ask anything and everything café

What are scientists like? What goes on in the mind of scientists? Sit down and chat with scientists, and pose all of your burning questions directly to scientists.

13:00–,14:00–,15:00〜 (Approx. 45 min.)


You can be a scientist, too!

Event⑰  Try your hand at DNA experiments

Have you ever seen what DNA looks like? Try out actual experimental techniques used in the lab, and have fun learning about the blueprint of living organisms that is DNA.

All day (closed between 12:30-13:30 for equipment maintenance)


Event⑱  Who’s who at RIKEN Kobe Campus!

Do you think only science geeks work here? No, stop by and see the unique range of staff working here on the Kobe Campus.

All day


Event⑲  Closing in on the mysteries of life!

~Introduction to RIKEN CDB and QBiC~

Our bodies are made from an assembly of many, many small units called cells. Each of these cells are packed with molecules. Find out more about how the two research centers explore the secrets hidden in our complexly designed body.

All day


Event⑳  Science craft corner

Choose and color your favorite animal to make your own unique button badge! Small children welcome!

All day


Event㉑  Ocean view book lounge

Why don’t you stop by and take a break at the ocean-view book lounge? Easy-to-understand books on biology and books recommended by scientists here will be on display. You can also find books written by RIKEN scientists as well as children’s books.

All day

▶︎Animal paper hat craft [Participation on first-come-first-served basis at lounge]
Time: 11:00–,14:00–, (Approx. 30 min; 15 people/time slot)


Event㉒  Reach for the moon! Straw Rocket

Using a straw, make a rocket that can fly with the force your breath! How can you make your straw rocket fly far distances?

*Organized by Bando Kobe Science Museum

All day (approx. 10 min)


Event㉓  Genomic tree of life: Relating animals to us

For ages 10 and up

Create a phylogenetic tree using DNA information of different organisms.

13:30–,15:00–, (Approx. 60 min; max. 20 people/time slot)

Numbered ticket required. Tickets will be distributed on first-come-first-served basis at the reception desk close to entrance of 1F CDB Building C between 11:00–14:00


Event㉔  RIKEN centennial exhibit

RIKEN was established in 1917, and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Learn about the history of RIKEN through posters and film. Unique RIKEN merchandise will also be sold onsite!

All day


Event㉕  How can you join RIKEN as a graduate student?

Take part in the research carried out at RIKEN! All labs welcome graduate students with a passion for science. You can talk to the laboratory heads directly about their research!

All day (Laboratory heads will be available for a chat from 15:00–15:30)


Event㉖  Introduction to other RIKEN research centers

Find out about the activities and cutting-edge facilities at other RIKEN research centers around Japan.

All day

*Event number corresponds to number on map.

*Some events have age restrictions or require numbered tickets for participation.

Discover the wonders of life


Event①  Imaging lab tour

Explore the cutting-edge equipment and facilities used for molecular imaging research through a guided tour by scientists!

*Each participant under elementary school age, must be accompanied by an adult (20 years +)

①10:15–, ②10:45–, ③11:15–, ④13:15–, ⑤13:45–, ⑥14:15–, ⑦14:45–, ⑧15:15–
(Approx. 60 min; 10 people/tour)

**Number ticket required: Tickets will be distributed on first-come-first-served basis at Event.

Tours ①~③ from 10:00
Tours ④~⑤ from 13:00
Tours ⑥~⑦ from 14:00
Tour ⑧ from 15:00


Event②  Let’s see and learn about the radiation in our surroundings


See radiation using a cloud chamber or survey meter! Listen to the scientist’s explanation to answer the quiz questions! Play the ball-rolling game! If you pass all of the stations, you can get a prize from the capsule toy machine!

All day


Event③  Make string from oil and water?


Elementary school age and above

Take part in this exciting and curious chemistry experiment to make your own nylon string, the first artificial fiber ever created!

①10:20–, ②11:30–, ③12:50–, ④14:10–, ⑤15:30–,
 (Approx. 60 min; 10 people/time slot)

*Numbered ticked required: Tickets will be distributed on first-come-first-served basis at Event.

Slots ①~③ from 10:00
  Slots ④~⑤ from 13:50

**To ensure safety of participants:
Event organizers may turn away participants who are wearing clothing that leaves the legs uncovered under the lab coat (e.g. skirt, shorts, bare feet, short socks, etc.), as there is a risk of chemicals coming into contact with bare skin. Please also refrain from participating if you are wearing sandals or high heels.

MI 2F 

Event④  Let’s peer through microscopes!

Let’s peer through microscopes!

Introducing organisms used in research. How do they look under the microscope?

All day


Event⑤  Press release briefings by scientists

Learn about the latest research achievements directly from the scientists who made them! “Listening to music and its relation to mood changes,” “Development of a new imaging device,” “Novel method to alter molecules,” “Efficacy and safety of neural cell transplantation”

All day (Check the posters for the times when scientists will be onsite)


Event⑥  CLST has labs in Yokohama, too!?

Did you know our Center carries out research in both Kobe and Yokohama? Learn about what kind of research goes on in Yokohama.

All day


Event⑦  Measure your fatigue level

Are you feeling tired? Come and measure your fatigue levels using a simple measuring tool.

All day


Event⑧  Science talk show

Come and hear junior high and high school science communicators explain one area of research being carried out at RIKEN—knockout mice and genome-editing.

①13:00–, ②13:30–, ③15:00–, ④15:30–,
(Approx. 20 min)


Event⑨  Take a look at human cells!

Look at cancer cells and iPS cells through a microscope.

All day

No English interpretation available for lectures below.

神戸臨床研究情報センター(TRI)2階 第1研究室



iPS細胞を使った難病研究 -基礎研究を病気の克服につなぐ-六車 恵子

多細胞システム研究センター 非対称細胞分裂研究チーム

専門職研究員 六車 恵子

神経難病の多くは原因や発症に至るメカニズムが不明で、根治療法の確立が強く求められてい ます。私たちはこれまでに、iPS細胞から脳の一部を作り出す独自の培養技術を開発しました。 この技術を用いて、患者さん由来のiPS細胞から病気の脳をシャーレの中に再現し、病気の原因を調べたり、新しい薬を開発するなど、病気を克服するための研究を行っています。発生学や神経科学など基礎研究で得られた成果を医療応用につなげる試みをご紹介いたします。


機械学習をもちいて画像データから受精卵の状態を判別する大浪 修一

生命システム研究センター 発生動態研究チーム

チームリーダー 大浪 修一



医者が考えること、工学者が考えること岩田 博夫

健康生き活き羅針盤リサーチコンプレックス推進プログラム 健康制御チーム

チームリーダー 岩田 博夫



疲労科学最前線 -疲労を癒して幸福度アップ-片岡 洋祐

ライフサイエンス技術基盤研究センター 細胞機能評価研究チーム

チームリーダー 片岡 洋祐



サイエンスアゴラ in KOBE ~科学って本当に大事?~



新元素「ニホニウム」の発見森本 幸司

理化学研究所 仁科加速器研究センター 超重元素分析装置開発チーム

チームリーダー 森本 幸司




サイエンスアゴラin KOBEのイベント詳細はこちらをご参照ください。参加ご希望の方は、事前のお申込みをお願いいたします!



西エリア:多細胞システム形成研究センター(CDB) / 生命システム研究センター(QBiC)
東エリア:ライフサイエンス技術基盤研究センター(CLST) / 健康生き活き羅針盤リサーチコンプレックス推進プログラム(RCH) 

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