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RIKEN Kobe Campus

RIKEN was established in 1917 as Japan’s only comprehensive research institution in the natural sciences with donations granted by the Imperial family, business leaders and private industry, in addition to a government grant. On March 2017, RIKEN celebrated its centennial. Since its establishment, it has not only facilitated basic research in the fields of physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics & information science, computational science, biology, and medical science, but has also promoted joint research with universities and corporations, and contracted research, as well as actively proceeding with technology transfer of intellectual property to the industrial sector with the aim of applying its research achievements for the benefit of society.

The Kobe Campus opened in April 2002 as a central research center of the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster promoted by the city of Kobe. The Campus is recognized as an international research center for performing research on developmental biology for multicell organisms, developing a platform for health promotion, and conducting research in areas such as computational science and computer science. As a research center that creates the future, more than 1200 researchers and assistants are working to resolve various issues affecting society through collaborating with medical institutions, research institutes and corporations.

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